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The Legend Park of Narmada

The sun began inching toward the west. The scorching rays when in its culminating point, the cloud has begun to be protected. Shade trees that embrace the region continues waving breeze caressed. Exotic, cool, shady, and peaceful atmosphere that is caught when it was first set foot in the Garden of Narmada.

Taman Narmada is one of the attractions in West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Attractions that many tourists do not take attention away from Selaparang Airport, Mataram. Only about 15 kilometers to the west. To reach the scenic tourist attractions, it is not difficult. Therefore, all the way to Taman Narmada is paved. In fact, tourists who want to use a taxi, do not have to spend too deep, only about 50 thousand.

Travelers who want to satisfy berwisatanya interest in the park, is also quite dug coins only. Park admission ticket Narmada Rp2.000 just for kids, Rp4.000 for adults and 10,000 for foreign tourists. Taman Narmada became an exotic tourist attraction, because tourist attraction plateau bertopografi offers many attractions of historical value. Existing vegetation in the region are also very diverse and shady. Swimming pool with crystal clear water further adds to the beauty of distant view.

Natural harmony

To surround the complex that are designated as cultural heritage through Law No. 5/1992, there is a way staircase steps. The texture of hilly land that makes the harmony of nature unfold in front of the molek.Memasuki courtyard in front of the entrance, visitors are treated to a historically valuable buildings. There are a number of buildings in the Narmada Park complex, and each building has a name and designation.
First-time visitors will be treated to an old building which is right on the left side. The building was named Bale Loji. First hall was used as the residence of the king and his wife. While in front of Bale Loji or right on the right side entrance, plastered map Narmada Park which serves to facilitate visitors traveling taman.Selain Loji Bale, visitors can further down the inside of the park. Many ancient buildings such as the gate that you can find bracelets, Mukedes, Lake Padmawangi, Bale Light, Patandaan, Sakapat Building, Hall Bancingah, Pura hump, and Pura Lingsar.

Taman Narmada, according to the narrative of the local community, built by the King of Mataram, Lombok, Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem in 1727. While the name itself is taken from the name of the Narmada River Ganges in India children, who named Narmadanadi. Name of Narmada, it was said initially only used to name the springs that form a pond and a river at the site. However, over time, the people then called the Narmada to the overall park complex.
 Historically, Narmada Park serves as the venue formerly Pakelem ceremony held on every full moon Saka fifth year (October-November). Pakelem is offering to the ceremony so as not to anger or natural disasters. Pakelem also be done to neutralize the natural aftermath of natural disasters. Pakelem ceremony is always held before the King at the peak of Mount Rinjani. But, along with the aging and declining physical abilities of the King, his officers were ordered to build a place that express Mount Rinjani. Therefore, Narmada Park is a miniature of Mount Rinjani. In addition to functioning as a traditional ceremony, the park was used as the resting place of the royal family during the dry season.

 In the Narmada Park area there are showers nine (Siwak) is located on the Segara Anak. This building includes a building sacred to Hindus and followers of Dharma tilu time. In the complex of the scenic Garden Narmada there is also the source of the Hall petirtaan water comes from Mount Rinjani. Petirtaan hall is the meeting place of three sources of water, namely Suranadi, Lingsar, and Narmada. Water present in the Central petirtaan believed efficacious makes people who drink and wash his face with water from where it will stay young. Before you get holy water, visitors should follow the procedures that guided a caretaker (kuncen) in petirtaan hall. Together with the kuncen, petirtaan in the hall. Together with the kuncen, visitors follow the ritual of taking water. The kuncen then ask visitors to pray according to their beliefs. Once, through a series of rituals before the visitors can enjoy the mebasuh to-face or by drinking it.

For women who are menstruating are not allowed in the hall petirtaan. Well, it's not too much if you include people who are curious and want to prove to yourself how the beauty of these exotic Taman Narmada. Welcome to the island of Lombok to prove.

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